Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eye love my kids!

I love my kids! I have 2 boys and 1 girl. They are the most fantastic little people you will ever meet! They are one of my greatest inspirations for the jewelry I make! They are just so fun and creative. My most recent creation idea came from my 2 wonderful boys. My oldest came to me and said mommy "I saw this monster that holds his eyes in his hands. Do you think you could make an eye?" I thought about for like 2 seconds and said "Oh yeah, I can do that!".
  So as I got started making eyes. (of course I had to make it in their eye color. =D) So as I am making the eyes and my boys have picked out which eye was theirs. My youngest kept asking me about when he could hold it. I kept telling him after I cook it. (I make all my creations from polymer clay which need to be baked to harden). So during the process I had to break for some errands. While we are out and about my youngest who is 3 yrs old kept telling people "Mommy is cooking my eye ball!" Ugh! It was so funny... As I tried to explain to strangers he means an eye I made out of clay. I still got the look of... "Eye out of clay??" It made for a very entertaining day!
  My little guy got his green eye.  However you will not see that green eye photographed, because for the 10 mins I gave it to him so he could show everyone it was lost.( Now he does NOT wear my jewelry but thought what would he the harm in letting go around the house to show his brother and sister and daddy. Ha... I won't be doing that again either.)
   So for your enjoyment from the mind of my little man "Eye See You!" Necklace, Earrings and Ring!
 Eye See You Necklace!

Eye Ball and Chain Earrings!

 Eye See You Ring!

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