Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inspired By Gaming!

I really do get inspired by the games I play and right now Fallout New Vegas is it!
I'm totally loving that game! What you'll see from me is not your average inspired Fallout jewelry in mostly the random things you find along the way. So in honer of Fallout here is some jewelry so you can look fashionable wondering the Wastes.

Beloved Book!
Beloved Book Necklace

Gas Mask Necklace...
Gas Mask Necklace

They my not be worth much but just like the books they are everywhere. I just think they would look a bit more beat up. =)
Beloved Teddy Bear Necklace

Inspired by some of the really cool guns you can get!
Yes! It does Glow in the DARK!!
Retro Ray Gun

Then I remember finding a stash of rockets I think it was in Novac in the big Dino.
Of course I thought yep need one of those too! Yes! it Glows too!
Retro Space Rocket

Such inspiration! And a fun game to play can't wait to see what inspires me next!

All Jewelry is Handmade by Me! You can find everything in my shop Neverland Jewelry .

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